Too Much Tech

I stayed a few days at a motel in Southern California recently. The rooms are equipped with high-tech light switches. They can switch between ON, AUTO, and OFF. In the AUTO position, a sensor turns the light on when it detects someone in the area. Here’s a photo of the switch:

Hi-tech light switch

High tech light switch dumbed down

At the bottom are left-right slider switches, with AUTO in the middle. The sensors are at the top. Originally, the front was a smooth cylindrical surface.

Apparently, people coming into a dark room are looking for an up/down toggle switch, or a push-button. The sensor feels very much like it should be a push button. Evidently, some people are quite insistent that it should be a button.

This switch panel is in the bathroom. One switch is for the light, the other for the heat lamp and fan.

All three switches in the room have suffered the same fate. You’d think that by the time people figured out the one by the front door, the rest would be easy.

Apparently not. Only one of the four sensors works.


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